$1,750 or $175,000-Plus – Questions to consider for your own reinvention in 2021

cap and diplomaAs so many of us think about new year’s resolutions to make, many professionals over 40 consider going back to school to get professional training or expand areas of their intellects that intrigue them.  I’m all for that, if you have the time and money to pursue something that will benefit you – financially, emotionally, physically, whatever your motivation. 

It so happens that in my business consulting work and the workshops I produce for executives in transition, the most-asked question I get is should I go back and if so, should I pursue an MBA.  I’m asked that one a lot because I earned my MBA in mid-career, and over the age of 50.   I had a specific goal and plan in mind, and it worked for me. 

mba biz cardThe MBA is a hotly discussed degree, for anyone over 21 and up.   However, the dollar amounts above, in the title, are not salaries or billable-hour rates but rather tuition ranges for one course – for example, a marketing course at NYU, and the going rate for a two-year Executive MBA program at a top school.  So, considering that the costs of earning an MBA today are climbing steadily, executives over 40 need to consider whether the investment in an MBA will be worth it in the long run.  

Add to that question, the increasing number of MBAs who are jobless, “aged-out” of the workforce, or under-employed, and the question of whether an MBA is necessary for entrepreneurs is the new twist on what has become the business world’s favorite conundrum:  good investment or waste of precious time and money? 

Following is a NY Times article that is one of the best I’ve seen on the topic.  Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get into Stanford or Harvard.  Read the piece and decide for yourself, and share your thoughts.  

Click here to read NYTimes.com: Assessing Whether Entrepreneurs Should Get M.B.A.’s