Take Our Profiles Quiz: Women Over 40–What’s Your DARE Profile?

Women Over 40: Profiles in DARE-ingOur quiz will give women over 40 a sense of their DARE Profile: the degree to which they Drive, Advance, Rule, or Express their efforts to improve their careers, community, or lifestyle.

So, how do you DARE?

DARE to take our quiz and find out!

Click here for “Women Over 40 – What’s Your DARE Profile?” QUIZ

Take the quiz, it will get you thinking! Then come back and download the free pdf ebook “DARE Profiles” to find your profile and where you could focus on self-improvement with this powerful information

To download our free PDF booklet “Women over 40: Profiles in DARE-ing”  :

Click here to download  PDF ebook: It provides insights on all the DARE profiles:



Better yet, buy the book, Get DARE From Here!  – which has the most detailed information, insights, and interactive exercises for taking stock, taking action and taking charge of the rest of your life! Available at Amazon.com and other booksellers, in paperback and for mobile devices.  

1 comment for “Take Our Profiles Quiz: Women Over 40–What’s Your DARE Profile?

  1. Jenn Lackey
    05/22/2013 at 1:38 pm

    I am unable to obtain my quiz results. I took the Dare Profile survey and it said the answers could be found on FaceBook, but I was not directed there. I tried to take the Dare Profile Quiz on Facebook in three different browsers. All three browsers said I needed to adjust my security settings, which were already secured. Therefore I was unable to take the quiz or get results. I have the book and still can not find the quiz. I’d really like to take the quiz and obtain results. Any suggestions?

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