“The God Box” a wonderful read, by Mary Lou Quinlan

In my last blog, I listed a few terrific summer reading books, including one particularly wonderful find, The God Box  by Mary Lou Quinlan. 

This is a true story from Mary Lou’s own personal family history. When her mother, Mary Finlayson, passes away, and Mary Lou must sort through her things, she comes upon her mom’s uniquely personal and poignant system of reflection and prayer. The family was aware of its existence, but they were all astonished to find not one, but ten boxes crammed full of little notes, on all manner of bits of paper, which her mother had written to God. This was the “God Box.”  Through this treasure of prayers, petitions, wishes and memories, Mary Lou discovers facets of this woman she never knew, and connects once again with her beloved mother.

Having lost my father ten years ago, I know the path of inconsolable grief, and know each of us must find our way through it.  I was deeply touched by the emotional path Mary Lou wandered as she unearthed and absorbed her mom’s intimate thoughts.

The God Box reaffirms the blessings of true family connections. No matter what changes happen in our media world, family still touches us deeply. This in a time when Facebook seems to be the only way many families connect (and disconnect, in some cases).  

Yes, Mary Lou is turning her book into a media “platform” and performance vehicle, as so many authors do in the 21st century, myself included. So some skeptics might see this as another marketing vehicle for yet another motivational speaker.  But what a worthy one it is, and what an inspirational motivator Mary Lou is.  It’s no wonder this marketing dynamo was for years at the helm of a market research firm called “Just Ask A Woman.”  The God Box gives new meaning to the words, “Stop. Look. Listen.”