Sherry Lansing, 67, DARE-ING Champion of Second Acts

Think you can’t go back to school “at our age” or stage an encore career?   Well, think again.  None other than Sherry Lansing, the former movie mogul who led several studios before retiring as head of Paramount Studios, and whose keen sense of the movie-going market launched such hits as Kramer vs. Kramer, Forrest Gump and Titanic,  has partnered with venture capitalists in Silicon Valley and UCLA to launch the Encore Career Institute.

Billed as “a unique combination of passionate leaders and experts (that) have come together to merge Silicon Valley’s best-in-class technology, Hollywood’s marketing assets and the world renowned academic curriculum of UCLA Extension, the new venture is generating more than just a lot of tech talk or billionaire buzz.  It’s winning resounding cheers from advocacy groups such as AARP as well as re-invention champions and educators everywhere who are encouraging everyone over 40 to, as Eleanor Roosevelt urged, “do that thing you think you cannot do.   As a late-blooming MBA in Finance and Leadership, I am absolutely jumping for joy on the Encore Careers endorsement bandwagon!   Check them out at:

To call Lansing, who is 67, a “DARE-ING renaissance woman for our times, is an understatement.  Her Sherry Lansing Foundation has launched two other initiatives designed to maximize the value, experience and expertise of individuals over 50 to contribute to the education of future generations. 

Lansing, whom I salute in my new book (on page 284), is the consummate example of a DARE-ING  woman.  Having enjoyed a successful trajectory throughout her career as a DRIVER, ADVANCER, and RULER, she is now at the stage that her time and finances are in alignment for her to EXCHANGE with others her valuable EXPERIENCES and EXPERTISE to create exponential value through philanthropic pursuits, thereby making her own second act full of societal contributions. That this one stands to generate economic value for the private sector as well should make for a textbook case for corporate social responsibility.      

So, how about YOU?  Considering that there are nine types of intelligence, and you’ve probably mastered four or five of them, why not shoot for more?! Never give up on learning, or presume that you’ve learned everything you possibly could.  You may not have the proverbial nine lives of a cat, but you do have the means to ramp up your brainpower and spiritual energy to make your second act your best act.  Bravo to Sherry Lansing and her new venture!