Share Your DARES with Us – We DARE You!

How DARE You “ Over 40!”

Share Your DARES with Us – We DARE You! –

With the publication of my book, “Get DARE From Here” 12 Principles and Practices for Women Over 40 to Take Stock, Take Action and Take Charge of the Rest Of Their Lives,” I’m meeting even more women over 40 who are pursuing new DARES in their lives, while refusing to let the myths, biases, stereotypes or any other impediment get in their way.  In fact, many of the women I’ve met turned impediment to impetus, impetus to inspiration, and inspiration to instigation!

Over the next few months, we’re going to feature many of these women’s stories of DARE-ING over 40.

In the meantime, we want to learn more about how women over-40 across the U.S. plan to DRIVE, ADVANCE, RULE, and EXPRESS their EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE in the next half of their lives.  To do that, we’re launching a “How DARE You -Over 40! Share Your DARES With Us Challenge.

To be clear, this is all about YOU, and your DARES for yourself, so we want to encourage AT LEAST 40,000 visionary, intelligent, motivated women over 40 across the U.S. to tell us how and what they want to DARE for themselves -in their personal lives, careers or a social cause they care about.   Need more impetus or inspiration or instigation of your own?  Read on!

A few months ago, The DARE-Force conducted a survey, with the question, “Over-40 Women -What’s Your Big DARE? The results were fascinating, especially because 85% said their big DARE was in their professional lives, 30% in their personal lives, and 23% said their big DARE was related to a social cause they cared about.  The big eye-opener -and heartbreaker -for me was the #1 reason our respondents said they could not pursue their Big DARE.  But first, here’s what they want to DARE:

1)      The majority of the participants said they are happy in their current romantic relationships, or at least are sure they won’t leave their partners anytime soon! 63% said they would not leave, while 18% said “I’d like to if it were not too scary” Hmmmm… so almost 20% of over-40 women would leave their current relationship if they were not too fearful of leaving?  Amazing!

2)      There was a fairly-even split on who wants to fall in love again: 30% said, “No Way!” but 38% said, “I’d love to.” All’s DARE in love and war – age be damned!

3)      38% said they’d love to go back to school: Yippee, do it, do it, just do it -you won’t be sorry! -and –

4)      A whopping 58% said they would love to start a non-profit. How wonderful is that!  The entire last chapter of my book, Chapter 12 -titled: “Exchange” is all about giving back!

5)      I also particularly love the fact that 38% of the participants would love to do something really DARE-ING, like skydiving, scuba diving, or mountain climbing!  Chapters 10 and 11 in the book are all about “If not now, when!”

So, here’s the heart-breaker:  When asked “What stops you from doing your Big DARE?”  a staggering 92% answered “money”   The heart-warming news for me is that the answer was not “age” or a refrain similar to “I’m too old”  No way is age an obstacle to most women over 40 who have the vision, intellect and motivation to DARE!

Regarding money, here’s some inspiration and instigation:  there are more resources than ever to help DARE-ING women over 40!  More than a few financial institutions have taken note of us, among them:  Charles Schwab Inc., whose marketing campaign is one of the most intelligent in any medium; Citi’s excellent Women & Co. portfolio of products and services (headed by a visionary, intelligent and motivated woman over 40 whose leadership has transformed the mission, vision and success of the unit); PNC Bank, which is one of the few banks that seem to really care about women, especially entrepreneurs; and a notable nonprofit, Women’s Institute for Financial Education,, also headed by two visionary, intelligent and motivated women over 40  who have done so much to help women of every age, persuasion and financial means, to take charge of their own financial security.

In previous blogs I have waxed on about going back to school (it was truly one of the best things I ever did, to go back and get my MBA from NYU), and I’m not wavering from that DARE to any woman over 40 who has the nerve to re-enter a classroom as a student. With the continuing weakened economy, and global demand for higher levels of skills and education, adults are re-enrolling in college campuses across the nation and online. The stats are compelling:[1] studies are showing that 75% of future jobs will most likely need some type of certification or licensure, and those professions that demand a BS or BA will grow 50% faster than the national average. So, a college degree looks more and more a necessity and a good investment.

By going back to school over the age of 40, if that’s one of your DARES, you’d be one of huge numbers: recent statistics from the U.S. Department of Education[2] are revealing that adult students are now the fastest growing demographic in the educational arena, with those numbers increasing steadily. Boosting existing skills, or coalescing the experience and expertise you already have via an academic certification or graduate degree will also help boost your confidence as well as your competence.

We Baby Boomers know we’ll be living longer, and we demand more from our lives -from both our personal and professional pursuits.  We want fulfillment, not just a job. More DARE-ING women aged 55 to 79 are deciding what they want to do in the next few decades, and not all of them want to go on cruises or daily frolics on a golf course (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). A report from The American Council on Education, entitled, Framing New Terrain: Older Adults & Higher Education, shows that more and more, older adults are returning to college in record numbers, and they are DARE-ING to pursue new career ideas, start new businesses, and pursue other fulfilling lifelong dreams.

So, there -or DARE! -you have it!  Despite age, money, or any other factor that in previous generations might have been an impediment, women who DARE today consider an impediment an impetus!  Join us!  We want to know more about how women over 40 plan to DRIVE, ADVANCE, RULE and EXPRESS their EXPERIENCE and EXPERTISE over the next few months, the next few years, and in coming decades. Become a part of The DARE-Force’s  “How DARE You -Over 40! Share Your DARES With Us” Challenge!  We want to encourage AT LEAST 40,000 women over 40 across the U.S. to tell us how they DARE, what they want to DARE, where and when they want to DARE.   (If you want your DARE kept confidential, please indicate that in your message to us.) In a few months, we hope to have a lot of DARES to Share with other visionary, intelligent and motivated women over 40.      

DARE-ingly Yours,

Liz DiMarco Weinmann

Founder & CEO

The DARE-Force Corporation