Survey Results! Over-40 Women- What’s Your Big DARE?

Recently The  DARE-Force held a survey/competition, with the question, “Over-40 Women, What’s Your Big DARE? ”  The results are in, and were fascinating- thank you all!

85% said the big DARE was in their professional life, 30% in their personal, and 23% in their community life.

There were big eye-openers. Check these out for thought-provoking results:

1)  Money is the big limiter 92% answered “money” when asked, “What stops you doing your Big DARE?”

2) Fairly even split on who wants to fall in love again! 30% said, “No Way!” but 38% said, “I’d love to.”

3)  Majority of the participants said they were happy in your current relationship, or at least are sure they won’t leave it! 63% said they would not leave, while 18% said “I’d like to if it were not too scary.” Hmmmm – so almost 20% of over-40 women would leave their current relationship if they were not too fearful?

4)  38% said they’d love to go back to school, and

5) A whopping 58 % said they would love to start a non-profit.

6)   I also particularly love the fact that 38% of the participants would love to do something really DARE-ING, like skydiving, scuba diving, or mountain climbing!

These results intrigue me, and I plan to do further research and write more about these DREAMS & DESIRES, among over-40 women.

We randomly selected a winner from the participants, and she will receive a copy of my forthcoming book, Get DARE From Here! – 12 Principles and Practices for Women Over 40 to Take Stock, Take Action and Take Charge of the Rest of Their Lives.

Thanks so much for participating!