Women Over 40: Lamby-Pamby or Fierce and Fabulous?

If you’re a woman over 40, you know that the expression, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” is exactly how some media and marketers see our demographic. I still love marketing, and I adore most of my clients, but I find it stunning that many other marketers don’t seem to get the fact that the over-40 consumer has more buying power than the little lambs and flocking sheep that are half our age.

Here are cases which may illustrate: Much of the civilized world listened in awe (or shock, you know who you are) as Academy-Award winner Melissa Leo (50) dropped the F-bomb on the Oscar telecast last week; viewers envied and drooled over 65-year-old Helen Mirren’s phenomenal figure poured tastefully into 69-year old Vivienne Westwood’s silver bullet of the gown she designed for her; and the on-air prattlers and babblers practically stoned 52-year-old Sharon for looking too much like “old-school glamour.” Maybe those fierce and fabulous women over 40 got our attention because the telecast this year featured as hosts one of the most snoozy-doozy, lamby-pamby duos (he, 33 – she, 28) of all time, in an effort to capture the youth demographic. Likewise, most of the Oscar-night ads were targeted at Gaga-wannabes and Justin Timber-fakes. What do you think about all this? Who’s minding the floor?

Arguably, the only people paying full price for movies these days are people over 40, many of them women, who actually see most movies the old fashioned way: they go to a theater, cough up almost the same amount of bucks their Spanx cost, and stop texting and shut down their frigging cell phones so they can actually watch the movie. Is it any wonder that when Billy Crystal (62) walked out on the Oscar-stage as literal comic relief from the unhappy deaf-dumb-and-blind date boring us to sleep, everyone in the audience, from the youngest teen to the oldest spleen gave him a standing ovation. Please,¦someone besides me should have been shouting ”Out of the way, Hathaway,” and “Someone please yanko James Franco.” Someone show them the door! What do you think about all this??? I’d love to hear your views.

PART TWO- Over 40 Women: Fierce and Fabulous Joan Rivers – tomorrow!


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