Happy New Year! Women with DRIVE! Like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

A new year brings with it all sorts of resolutions for women over 40, many of them focused on our physical health, which usually DRIVES us to lose weight via a weight-loss diet or exercise plan.  Other over-40 women make resolutions about finding a new job, new career, or changing some other aspect of their lives.

For some women the reality is that, regardless of our intentions to get a good head-start in January, by December we realize how hard it is to get there from here. Something or someone (maybe even ourselves) puts up virtual roadblocks in our lives.  We hit a traffic jam, or we’re still in “park” or, worse, we’re stuck in “neutral.”  Well, DREAM on!  It doesn’t have to be that way!

Sometimes it’s fear that DRIVES us to fulfill a resolution.  In other cases, pride (aka “vanity”) is the DRIVING force.  Sometimes, we just need better DREAMS & DESIRES.  If what you’re seeing in your rear-view mirror these days are the ghosts of resolutions past, maybe you need some new and thrilling DREAMS & DESIRES to DRIVE you! Whatever is DRIVING your resolutions, or hopes, or goals in 2011, we hope you truly believe that you can get there from here.  Or, more to our point: Get DARE from Here! What’s more, we’re here to tell you that you can actually enjoy the DRIVE!

Whatever the force, anything that DRIVES positive change over 40, can also be fun. It also makes you resilient.   I know this because if it weren’t for fear, pride and enrolling in Weight Watchers online two years ago, I never would have lost 60 pounds in the course of 12 months.  I also committed to following a calorie-blasting exercise regimen.  To do all that plus everything else I was juggling in my life, I needed exceptional DRIVE.  As my destination became more visible, I began to enjoy the DRIVE.

Guess what?  So can you! It’s no coincidence that DRIVE is the very first of the principal tenets that inform our work with women over 40 at The DARE-Force Corporation.  In fact, the “D” in DARE-Force is all about DRIVE.  (DARE stands for: DRIVE, ADVANCE, RULE and EXPRESS EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE Over 40).  If you really want to accomplish something meaningful in your life you have to have DRIVE. If the fulfilling, meaningful goal you want to attain is also a difficult one, then you can’t begin to accomplish it without exceptional DRIVE. That means you have to want to DRIVE.

Yes, we know that’s easier said (or blogged) than done.  The practices inherent in DRIVE at The DARE-Force are focused on Dreams & Desires (your aspirations) first and foremost, but we’ve lived long enough to know that over-40 women have to Deal.  Your Deal comprises the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that affect your Dreams & Desires. The third priority for DRIVE in women over 40 is a vision for realizing your Dreams & Desires – a Design – which helps you maximize your strengths and opportunities in spite of your current Deal, so you have a long-term view of your ultimate goals.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who inherited Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat early in 2009 when the latter officially assumed office as United States Secretary of State, is a quintessential DRIVER who obviously has a long-term view of her ultimate goals. She came to the Senate with strong Dreams & Desires to affect – and effect – important legislation. She had to Deal with many challenges, not the least of which being that she was presumed to lack sufficient EXPERIENCE and credibility.  Undeterred, she set out to Design a vision for achieving her legislative priorities.  By the end of 2010, Gillibrand’s DRIVE resulted in bringing about landmark legislation, including the 9/11 healthcare bill that provides benefits to the heroic firemen and police who were first responders at the World Trade Center disaster.  She was also pivotal in the repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” military policy that discriminated against gay members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

A recent article in The New York Times praised Gillibrand’s DRIVE:

“Her efforts have won grudging admiration from critics, adulation from national liberals and gay rights groups, and accolades from New York politicians across the political spectrum, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who once shopped for potential candidates to oust her.  Even her relentlessness, which once drew mockery, is now earning the highest compliment of all: professional jealousy from her more senior colleagues.”

Now that’s a DARE-ING woman over 40! DRIVE on, Senator! DARE On!

For the next three months, the principle of DRIVE in women over 40 is going to be the focus of this blog, and January is all about DREAMS & DESIRES.   So, if you’re ready to DRIVE new and exciting things for yourself over the next year, let’s get going!  First, you must be DREAMING! Ignite some fire in that DESIRE!  Push past the roadblocks and think hard about the DREAMS you want to pursue over the next year, and what you DESIRE for this year to be different.   Focus on purpose, on the things that could really DRIVE you.

You can Get DARE from Here! In fact, Getting DARE now that you’re over 40, really is half the fun!


Liz DiMarco Weinmann, MBA

Chief DARE-ING Officer,

The DARE-Force Corporation

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