DARE GATHER and REGROUP! What is the internet doing to our brains?

Continuing our October theme of DARE GATHER and REGROUP, I want  to bring another amazing book to your attention:


The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains

By Nicholas Carr.

So, has the internet and all these high-tech bits of progress shortchanged our brain power? Some experts, such as Jonah Lehrer, for one, give scientific evidence that such technologies actually benefit the mind. Nicholas Carr, on the other hand, author of The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains, feels differently. Carr also wrote the story in the Atlantic Monthly, called “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” which questions and criticizes the massive technology revolution. In both the book and article, Carr shares with us some of the research that looks at the effects of being bombarded by messages, alerts, videos feeds, posts, tweets, etc.  He doesn’t answer the question –in fact, the jury still seems to be out with regard to the actual effects on our brains of all this distraction and stimulation, but one thing is clear to me: all this shallow surfing we are doing pulls us away from our deeper selves, from peace, from reflection, from thinking, feeling, and living in the now.

The truth is that many of us, over-40 women included, don’t give ourselves a break. We run till we are exhausted, we double-book and over-commit, under-nourish and ignore warning signs, both emotional and physical. We so often keep running on empty.

So, fill up your lungs, brain cells and soul with fresh air.  Take that break–switch from a left-brain task to a right-brain one.  Stop and really think before hitting “send” on yet another demand for your time (whether your answer is a “yes” or a “no.”)   Make a “slow-cooked” meal, even if the recipe is from the back of a box!   Go for a walk, or a run, or a swim, and turn your phone onto “airport” mode. This keeps you, and others, grounded, both literally and figuratively.  Get a deep tissue massage –nothing shallow about that!  Then, you’ll be ready to hit the “refresh” button on your life, screens, or whatever, and maybe really be refreshed!