DARE-ING to be a MOTHER! Salute to all moms, I didn’t have the guts for it.


Joan Rivers

With my mom’s birthday close by, I am thinking about motherhood, and honoring mothers.

So-called Superwomen of all stripes, shapes and sizes show up on the covers of glossy magazines and landing pages of websites everywhere, taking all the credit for being able to “do it all.” They fail to reveal the battalion of paid baby-bundlers, bottle-steamers, pram-pushers and daycare-doters who really do all the work.  I DARE any of these glitterati mamas – whether their great white way is Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Silicon Valley or Hollywood Boulevard – to try doing any one of those chores on a day when the paid help is sick in bed.  Happy Mother’s Day, indeed!

Although I am all about visionary, intelligent and motivated women over 40, I also realize that it’s harder to be visionary, intelligent and motivated if you’re a full-time mom. This, for most women over 40 in the U.S. these days, means you are working two or three shifts, one at work and a few at home.  I also DARE women who are not mothers to claim that their feats of glory, story, gory and in some cases, whore-y, are more brave, gutsy, ballsy, outrageous and terrifying than being a mom.  Since I didn’t have the guts to become a mom, most of my adult life I have been in awe of women who did go that route – by choice or default.

Those are DARE-ING women for sure, which is why I am dedicating a lot of space to moms right now. I DARE everyone whose mom is still alive to express nothing but gratitude for all the things you have received from her.  Even if yours wasn’t the ideal childhood, that’s all the more reason why you should be grateful!  Think about the lessons you’ve learned!  Man up!  Or, in the words of one of my favorite moms, Joan Rivers: “Grow up.”