DARE-VIEW: Women Over 40 Who Are Credible Examples

Maria Bartiromo

Often we hear that if an accomplished woman over 40 is not the “top in her field” or “one in a million” or (the most overused cliche) “unique” then she’s not worth noting or celebrating.  We have a different point of VIEW.  Women over 40 distinguish themselves in fields that are on VIEW every day, and many of them are not traveling around with posses of assistants, hairdressers and wardrobe stylists.  Even if they are, they’re so credible and accomplished at their jobs, that we don’t even notice the battalion of help they get.

Over the next month we’re saluting DARE-ING women over 40 on VIEW in journalism, critical government positions, valuable nonprofits and the corporate world.

On TV,  there are the women over 40 whose points of VIEW we admire.

While luminaries such as Diane Sawyer, Meredith Viera and Katie Couric get a lot of deserved positive news coverage even when they’re not actually on the air doing their jobs, I DARE say it’s time to notice other equally accomplished women over 40 who write, produce and report the news in these three areas:  politics; environmentalism; and finance.

NBC’s Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Andrea Mitchell, who is also an MSNBC anchor of her own news show, really impresses me.  This elegant woman presents a refreshing and calm VIEW of current events, totally lacking in ballast and hyperbole, let alone the rudeness of some of her male counterparts.  Mitchell focuses on the issues, not on herself, or her PR. Considering that she’s married to the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, and that United States Senators make time to talk to her in the middle of their day, it’s even more astonishing that she keeps the focus on the news, and not on the glitz, glamour and glory of being on television.

Anne Thompson, Chief Environmental Correspondent for NBC’S Nightly News, is another example of a reporter whose #1 job is to do her job well.  Poised, elegant, and calm, like Mitchell, when Anne Thompson is updating you about the Gulf oil spill, it’s like your big sister letting you down gently, without being patronizing or condescending.  Her handling of the Gulf issue has been empathetic without being maudlin, and has remained at all times objective, matter-of-fact and gracious.

Another television journalist we love is Maria Bartiromo, anchor of CNBC’s “Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo” and “The Wall Street Journal Report with Maria Bartiromo.”  Bartiromo had to endure a few years of gossip and the moniker of “Money Honey” (which I even hate to bring up) a few years back, but there’s no one at CNBC who can command the attention, respect and deference that Wall Street titans give to Bartiromo.  Smart CEOs know that they have to do Bartiromo’s show, and she doesn’t shy away from the tough questions.  In December 2009, Bartiromo was featured in the Financial Times as one of the ones “Who Shaped the Decade. Take some time to VIEW Bartiromo when she’s doing “The Closing Bell” and you’ll see how her less-seasoned colleagues (male and female) defer to and take their cues from her.  God forbid they DARE to do otherwise, because I would flip the channel in a heartbeat.

Take time out of your own day to VIEW accomplished women in your own life who are also understated, competent and confident.  VIEW such accomplished women as the role models our daughters should emulate.  Not every accomplished woman over 40 (or any age!) has to constantly shout (implicitly or explicitly),  “Look at me!  Look at me!” They DARE to let their accomplishments do the talking.