DARE MUSCLE – Flexing your Self-Improvement MUSCLE Is Big Business!

Think self-improvement is for wimps?  Check out these statistics:

A Global Coaching Survey conducted by the International Coaching Federation found that the coaching industry is on a rapid rise, with 12,300 business coaches in the USA alone.

“On-boarding” – which is a form of business coaching that used to be reserved for executives, is now becoming available to employees at every level. Companies that are hiring are eager to accelerate the learning curve of new hires, so on-boarding has replaced what used to be called “orientation.” Books on the topic abound:  From titles like The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins, to The New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan by George Bradt, both of which are very helpful and written in a non-jargon style.

Hay House Publishing, the most successful self-help publishing company in the world, recently announced that it has seen an unprecedented increase in self-help manuscripts. Because Hay selects only 100 books to publish from the thousands of unsolicited self-help manuscripts it receives each year, Hay just launched an alliance with a self-publishing book firm.  More help is on the way, literally!

To a large extent, women over 40 are driving this trend, seeing that taking charge through self-help books or employing personal development services empowers them; they take the DARE to become healthier, smarter, more highly skilled, more confident, and more energetic.  Americans are still worried about the economy, and more women over 40 are working full-time longer than they ever thought they would.  Many of them are the sole breadwinners in their families, meaning they have myriad responsibilities that include financing their children’s college education, taking care of elderly parents, and dealing with their own health concerns.  While few people can afford to get sick at all, let alone take what used to be called a”mental health” day, most women over 40 can’ even make time for a mental health hour, even once a week.

In a weakened economy, it may be even more important to DARE develop new self-improvement MUSCLES, to amp up your health regimen with more fruits, whole grains and vegetables, and commit to some form of exercise, even if it’s just walking more.  Most important, make time to rest your MUSCLES – sleep deprivation helps no one, especially not yourself!