Get DARE From Here! June is BLOOMING!

June is finally in full BLOOM! My new book is being published late this month, so I have a great sense of achievement (after watering, sowing, and more than a little sweat, let me tell you!)

Super-BLOOMING Woman: Paula Deen

Late BLOOMERS are all the rage. How about the over-40 women you see on the screen: Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Helen Mirren, Sharon Stone –  these empowered, confident women are great models of success, tenacity, and re-invention. Modeling agencies report that there is more demand for beautiful women over 40, and over 50, to help marketers sell to us boomers.  Everyone from cosmetics companies to car makers is courting us.  Some of the most popular women on TV are over 50, and certainly many of them are late BLOOMERS.

One of the most popular is Paula Deen. This well-known Southern cook suffered so badly from agoraphobia in her 20s that she wouldn’t even leave her house.  Today, no one would believe that about this brassy, loud, fun and totally BLOOMING broad!  She’s written 5 books, owns a restaurant in Savannah, has her own line of signature pies at Wal-Mart (but, of course, “Y’ALL!”), and hosts several shows on the Food Network. Her brazen, butter-everywhere, innuendo-infused “Now, beat your meat, Y’ALL!”) commentary may not be for everyone, but her fans adore her. As a businesswoman who recognizes a shrewd mogul when I see one, I love that she has parlayed that platinum-poufed, gutsy-guffawing persona all the way to a big bruiser bank.  More power to her!  She  demonstrates that it takes determination, sweat, and some serious tilling of the soil for us to enjoy new BLOOMS (not to mention BLOOMING profits) well into our 40s, 50s and beyond.

So, to paraphrase Paula Deen, what about “y’ALL???? What’s in BLOOM for you this month?