Get DARE From Here!

Liz Claiborne: Super DARE-ing Woman!

I am so excited that my book is about to be published at the end of the month, hopefully in time for my birthday on June 19th.

Entitled appropriately Get DARE From Here,  it the result of much research into the desires and achievements of women over 40 in our culture – our dreams, motivations, and issues. In my research I came across inspiring stories of exceptionally passionate women over 40, some obscure, some famous, but they all had powerful traits in common. They all bravely applied their energy and leadership to empower themselves and their families, the companies where they worked, and their surrounding communities and society at large. A few good examples are Jean Nidetch (founder of Weight Watchers), Mary Kay Ash, Liz Claiborne, Julia Child, and you may know many more.

From the model set by over-40 women such as these, I devised the  DARE system, laid out in my new book,  to inspire, guide and challenge all you brainy, gutsy, passionate women over 40 who crave or need to pursue, develop, or lead something more fulfilling in your personal lives, careers, or communities.

You can Get DARE From Here!