DARE-TRIUMPH: More tips from our panel

As the month draws to a close, and we all enjoy another hot dog on this beautiful Memorial Day Weekend, I am pondering the incredible success of our May 6th workshop.

The tips and suggestions from our expert panel were flowing. Carol Hoenig, a highly successful book publishing consultant, is a proponent of “Fake it till you make it!” Not only does this attitude keep your chin up, it gives other a sense of your confidence and strength. So, imitate confidence until the confidence itself produces success!

Sheri Lapidus, a super powered PR woman on our panel, told us her story. She wanted to start her own PR business, when she realized that conventional media companies were in trouble. She told us, “really be attuned to the landscape at your place of work or in your industry, and be aware of their attitudes toward employees over 40. Have a Plan B ready so you can TRIUMPH before the layoffs!” This dynamic over-40 woman has reinvented herself, and emerged TRIUMPHant, running her own successful bar/bat mitzvah website!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, everyone!