DARE-TRIUMPH : Go back to school: Part 2

Continuing the theme of going back to school, I can strongly recommend that you consider NYU when you look at training. Their School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers 4,000 courses, professional certificate programs, and intensive programs in a wide array of areas. One of the leading providers of continuing education, they have strong connections with key industries and creative sectors that drive the economic and cultural life of New York.

Plus, they are just the nicest people on the planet! A special thank you to Emily Westerman, of the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She and her team can be reached at 212 992-3228. http://www.scps@nyu.ed.

I would truly like to thank everyone at NYU, our hosts for the event, for their expertise, helpfulness, and kindness. Due to their support, it was an even better day than we expected!