DARE TRIUMPH- Go back to school!

DARE TRIUMPH– Go back to school!

The workshop at NYU was so successful we are still reveling in the feeling! It was a TRIUMPH! The receptivity and evaluations for the event were all TOP-NOTCH. Unfortunately, we had so much response that we had to turn people away, so we will be organizing more of these.

Let me give you another great tip from one of our panelists. Kathy Gurland, an inspiring post-40 woman who runs a hospice-care consulting firm, told us not to be afraid to go back to school, as that is where the idea for our life’s work may actually strike.

I can speak to that. Going back in my fifties to get an MBA in finance at NYU was hard, let me tell you. But it is one of the best things I have ever done. It is NEVER too late to do almost anything the mind, heart, and soul aim to accomplish.