DARE TRIUMPH with tips from our panelists

Photo by Anita Saha

DARE-TRIUMPH may not be an easy proposition to wrap your head and heart around post-40, or post-50, but you can, and you must! So many women have in fact moved on from what they thought were insurmountable challenges and emerged as TRIUMPHS!

Erika Kotite is a superb example of this. One of our terrific panelists at our May 6th workshop at NYU, she was full of great and helpful ideas. She encouraged us not to be afraid to take a lower paying job that gives us exponentially beneficial training. Her reasoning? You can’t put a price on the potential that gives us.

So don’t be content with the status quo! Even after breast cancer Erika decided she had to keep working to keep growing. Married with three kids, she is a super-productive post- 40 woman. She inspired everyone at the workshop to DARE TRIUMPH!