DARE TRIUMPH: Part Five: DARE-Supply can help!


Photo by Anita Saha

DARE TRIUMPH: Part Five:  DARE-Supply can help!


Some of the most respected adult development specialists tell us the best way for a healthy approach to our second half of life is to shift priorities in order to fulfill our true purpose. Jung talked of completeness. He said that when the first half of your life is done, it is the second half that will make you whole, and urged us to welcome synchronicity, serendipity and coincidence as mechanisms to bring us into our second half fulfillment.

Erik Erikson was all about regeneration.  The second half of our lives, to him, is meant to evolve the brain, to give back, and “regenerate” in order to avoid becoming stagnant.  He stressed that we must learn new things from the next generation, and not just focus on teaching them what we know.

Jean Shinoda Bolen,

who writes wonderful books about women’s archetypes, speaks to the exponential evolution of women in their forties and fifties.  Her advice is to express who we really are by focusing on our power, humor, and energy, and by the nurturing and sharing of our experience and expertise. She tells us to relax, be ourselves and build our legacies in the second half of our lives.

In this way, the emphasis is on new priorities, new opportunities, and new ways to get excited. What worked for us for the first 40 or 50 years certainly will not be what works in our second half. We need to be flexible, and DARE change our priorities. That is how we really learn to recognize and appreciate every TRIUMPH  – big and small.

TRIUMPHS need to be celebrated. June is graduation month, and many women over 40 will be attending graduations of their own children, or those of relatives or friends. If this is you, it is an opportune time to muse on the TRIUMPHS in your own life, or what the next TRIUMPHS might be. Or perhaps you could be pondering a “graduation” to different priorities, different roles or new dreams.