Photo by Anita Saha


Our workshop on May 6th at NYU was a personal and professional TRIUMPH for me. It created a template for future conferences – it was interactive, lively and inspirational, focusing in on the challenges and opportunities that affect the lives, career transitions, and philanthropic pursuits of women over 40.

To inspire our participants, we included research about the characteristics of brave and determined women over 40 throughout history. Then, we dived into individual exercises and interactive brainstorming sessions. And our participants loved the quiz which opened with this question:

1. When it comes to interacting with people, those closest to me would say I am a:

  1. Dynamo – I’m always in motion!
  2. Enthusiastic supporter and team player
  3. Undisputed expert, born leader – and always eager to learn more
  4. Strong consensus-builder and mentor
  5. Efficient contributor – working because I have to

The results of the 10-question quiz really triggered some spirited discussion – even I couldn’t get my usual 100 words per minute comments in there! But I did manage to generate a laugh at the notion that advertisers think women over 40 are all cougars, cobras and crones, or queen bees, OH MY. Judging from the ads on network news show, you would presume all we think about is plastic surgery, midriff bulge, constipation or peeing our pants!

Thanks again to these participants who said of the workshop,

“a good motivator and confidence builder and idea generator” (Donna)

“so informative and empowering.”  (Susan)