The theme for this glorious month of May is DARE TRIUMPH! Having just completed an incredibly successful workshop at NYU, my sense of TRIUMPH is skyrocketing!  So many DARE-ING kick-ass women registered! I am so excited to be helping women over 40 to move on, overcome challenges, reinvent themselves, and to emerge in TRIUMPH!

I want to share amazing stories of women who did just that. We introduced a powerful panel of the most genuinely brave women over 40, no superwomen allowed, who have faced every possible turning point, difficult decision and ensuing craziness in their lives. And yet, they emerged stronger and even more DARE-ING!

How about our panelist, Kathy Gurland, who broke away from the “system” and started a new private practice providing services to people affected by cancer. It is a pioneer service that has never been done before, and serves as a legacy to her two sisters who died from cancer in their 40s.

Or Sheri Lapidus, who did what she calls the “unthinkable.” After a 20+ career in high-powered PR positions, she launched her own business from home, called Mitzvah Market – love the name! It’s a free online resource for families planning Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and in 18 months alone she has gained over 400 paid advertisers!

When I met our panelist Erika Kotite two decades ago, we were both at the beginning of our careers. She built a remarkable career in publishing, rising through talent, drive, and outstanding dedication to excellence, but then faced a foe far more hellacious than any corporate boss:  breast cancer.  She beat that with a fierce courage, and now is launching a new online site for chefs and people who love them, called “Toque.”

They DARED and they TRIUMPHED!

Does this sound like you?

The workshop also included a powerful brainstorming and learning session.  We worked exceedingly hard on it, and the fact that it was so much fun made it all the more rewarding!  My thanks to the participants who were affected by the workshop and said, for example,

“piqued my personal thoughts and desires – can’t hide behind fear any longer.” (Carolyn)

“this day has helped me get my DARE on.”  (Margaret)