Go DARE: PLANT the SEEDS to Your New Garden!

Green Leaf of a Bio Plant in Nature, by epSos.de

Here are 7 SEEDS of ideas to get you growing and sowing.  After all, Mother Nature herself needed seven days to get the earth in BLOOM, and even SHE rested!

  1. To PLANT your SEEDS of accomplishment for 2010, first decide what you want to reap. Do you want to learn valuable new skills, gear up for a brand new, exciting and fulfilling career? Develop new connections, friendships and relationships? Maybe you have an even loftier goal, such as starting a multi-million dollar business.   Decide what you want your full-blown PLANTS to look like!
  2. Once you determine how you want your flourishing GARDEN to look, you need a plan to make it happen. If you want to learn a new skill, why not sign up now for a finance class, a computer class, a ballroom dance class or music lessons?  Why not learn a new language – even if it’s about learning what WTF means – especially when your kid is texting that about you?
  3. If your goal is finding a new career, April is the perfect time to set up informational interviews or networking sessions where you talk with people about their jobs and figure out whether their career might be a perfect career for you.  Even with all the slush and muck in the streets, people you want to know are ready to come out of hibernation for a quick lunch or espresso.  [For more helpful tips on job-hunting in these challenging economic times, click here.]
  4. If you have to literally crack open your copy of What Color is Your Parachute, then don’t wait for evidence of moth larvae infestation between the pages before you buy yourself the new edition. No one writes about career reinvention, midlife crises or having a “Plan B€ the way that Richard Nelson Bolles does.
  5. If you haven’t taken a career assessment test since you wore miniskirts the first decade they were in style (which would also be the decade that Cher could scowl and smirk with the lips, eyes and forehead that Mother Nature gave her), then sign up to take a Myers-Briggs personality test (www.mbticomplete.com).  Even though Myers-Briggs experts say that your personality traits stay the same as you move through your life, taking the test again will reaffirm for you who you are today, and what type of job would be a good fit for your personality now.  At the very least, it’s a way to PLANT new SEEDS in your own head, and then in others’ heads.
  6. Speaking of heads, two (or more) heads are sometimes better than one. If you want to develop new networks of friends or relationships, make sure you have a profile on a business social network like LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com), or update your professional profile, and make plans with people whom you haven’t seen in years.  Or, sign up for a group workshop like “Get DARE from Here that will help you carve out time to Plan –  to brainstorm new ideas, research new careers and forge new friendships. How about hosting a dinner party for six friends that you think would have fun together brainstorming the next DARE-ing move in their lives – even if you have to order in?  Or, go to a panel sponsored by your alma mater or the local YMCA, so you can be exposed to new ideas while meeting new people.
  7. Finally, this might not sound like an activity for a “day of rest” but if your daydreaming time tends to veer toward visions of having your own business, maybe this is the perfect time to PLANT the SEEDS for that.  Decide what type of business you want to start that fits in with the rest of your goals in life. In entrepreneurial finance, the term “lifestyle business” is used to define a business that will also allow you to have a normal life.  And, we’re all for that!   Start researching the industry you’re thinking about entering, and the companies that might be your competition.  Then think about what you would need to do to put together a kick-butt business plan.  To learn more about business planning, or how to PLANT any of the ideas we discussed in this blog, e-mail me at:  liz@thedareforce.comThe DARE-Force Corporation can help you SEED that need and get yourself in full BLOOM!


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