DARE PLANT Something New This Month!!!

Green Leaf of a Bio Plant in Nature, by epSos.de

Supposedly, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Right. How about this: March is all about raging rip-roaring reality (Jeez, two months gone by already and I still haven’t done X or Y or Z?) combined with a fuzzy-frilly-floral free-wheeling pass to start over, or start something else – as in: PLANT some new SEEDS in your ever-fertile head!

We DARE you to regard March as your month to revisit, refine and re-PLANT the GARDEN that is your life.  So what if the SEEDS you PLANTED in those January resolutions didn’t take?  So what if they’ve got more mold on them than the half-bitten chocolates your nephews shoved between your couch pillows during the holidays?  Need help with those PLANTS[click here] Hey, I may not be Mother Nature, but I’m one DARE-ING Mother of Reinvention!!!

So – or SOW!!!  SPRING It On!  Hope you-know-what (SPRINGS!!!) Eternal!  March is the perfect time to shed your fears and inhibitions and DARE PLANT the SEEDS that are going to allow you to soar to new heights of motivation and accomplishment in 2010.

Our blog posts for March will focus first on DARE-ing to PLANT, how PLANTING new SEEDS now can excite you out of your winter doldrums so you’ll have better experiences to harvest later this year.

Next week, in DARE SUPPLY, we’ll let you in on some fascinating studies by experts who have proven that SEEDING your life with new activities and taking more risks can make you happier, healthier and even smarter. Did you know that there is a clear connection between having novel experiences and a rise in dopamine production in our brains? That means that trying new activities or even tasting new foods can instantly elevate our moods.  How great is that?

Our third March blogpost will give you tips and ideas to GO DARE, so you can turn your desires into actionable steps that will bring you closer to attaining your goals.  In that blogpost, we’ll give you a list of fun and even exotic activities to take your life from same-old, same-old to one that you’ll actually want to discuss at dinner parties!

Finally, in the last week in March, we’ll salute just a few of the DARE-APPARENT thousands of women over 40 who have taken their lives from ordinary to absolutely phenomenal.  Yes, they had to throw some caution to the wind, but they did it in a smart way, WEEDING out the old stuff to plant a new and fertile GARDEN.

Yes, March can be a cruel month weather-wise and otherwise.  All that Hallmark-card hype about Spring la-dee-dah, yet on most March days we’re still dressed in sturdier boots, hats and mittens than a first-grader!  After all, no smart 40-plus woman in her right mind is making like the silicone-slicked society sylphs photographed in The New York Times Style section doing leaps and laps over snow drifts dressed in stilettos and mini-skirts!

Still, even if you wait a few weeks and start on the first day of SPRING – March 21 – that’s OK too.  After all, Mother-frigging Nature Herself – the Goddess of all things fertile, fragrant and fresh –  decided March was the perfect month in which to PLANT SPRING. Think of DARE PLANT as taking the initial steps to open yourself up to a more bountiful life!

So, or SOW, as the case might be – regardless of your end goal, the key is making sure you PLANT something this month, because even the most verdant GARDENS and biggest ideas start with a tiny SEED.   You’ll be surprised at the rush you’ll get from just PLANTING something new!


Liz DiMarco Weinmann

Photo by epSos.de.