Now, That’s What I Call a REVOLT!

revoltOn June 19th, 2009, I turned 57 years old.  The day after that was my graduation from business school – I was awarded my MBA in Finance and Leadership from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

On that day, I was elated.  As my name was called to go up on the dais to receive my MBA diploma,  the program administrator looked at my photo, and then back at me, and then at my photo again.  She kept saying, “But that’s not Liz Weinmann.  It can’t be Liz Weinmann.”

On the day I turned 57, the scale confirmed that I had lost 57 pounds.  Take that, meno-fat!  I went from a size 18 to a size 10 in six months, kept the weight off for an entire year, and I’m still dropping pounds.

As you think back on all the achievements and accomplishments of your life to date, weren’t some of those the experiences that involved a REVOLT on your part, even if just a little one – against the usual, beyond the comfortable, toward the unpredictable?

If you’ve never REVOLTED, this might just be your year to Go DARE! Need help?  Get DARE from Here!