Be Prepared to Halt Your REVOLT

revoltThe first few months of last year were sheer hell as I struggled with dieting (online through Weight Watchers – excellent!), launching a company (The DARE-Force Corporation – challenging!) and trying to exercise at least five days a week (I belong to a gym but most days I just walked for an hour in the morning, because it as a refreshing jolt to my system).

By April 5, I had lost 20 pounds.  Which was also the day  I was so energized that I over-did it at the gym and then had to stay in bed for nearly a week.  Talk about wanting to REVOLT!

Then, I posted an online question to the Weight Watchers community about how I could do some kind of exercise while I was waiting to heal.  Boy, did I get a resounding REVOLT from them!  Their advice was to stop whining about how much weight I still needed to lose and focus instead on the fact that I had really hurt myself and my body was justifiably in REVOLT.

What I learned is that–duh–REVOLT goes both ways. 

As you stage your REVOLT to recharge your life, career or community in a positive way, make sure you’re prepared to deal with setbacks that could halt your progress.  Need help?  Get DARE from Here!