To REVOLT, You Need a Lightning Bolt

revoltFor a big, brash and believable REVOLT, you need a lightning bolt.

To jolt myself to lose 60 pounds last year and keep it off, I decided to literally scare the fat out of my body (that Catholic-school fear thing again).

I set out to research all the ways that my appetite was a dictator over who I was vs. who I wanted to become.  I noted all the ways that my excess body weight could kill me and–considering that I am a 50-plus, type-A, childless, career-woman whose body mass index was at least 15 points higher than it should be–that was more of a lightning bolt than I had expected.

I obsessed about the fact that I was fattest in areas that put me at high risk for heart disease, cancer and other hideous diseases. I was almost as frightened as I would be in the face of an actual dictator.  That’s what ultimately did it for me, what pushed me to REVOLT.

What kind of dream, desire, fear or challenge could jolt you to REVOLT? Tell us about it – we DARE You!