REVOLTING is Exciting!

revoltEarly in my career, the crusty cigar-sucking CEO of the ad agency where I worked used to preach to all of us creative types that “Nothing happens until people get excited.”

Believe him!

At the beginning of 2009, as I had done at the beginning of very year for the past ten years, I resolved to”really try to lose weight and get more healthy this year.”

Hah! If all it took was a resolution, I would have been at my ideal weight by then.  Hell, I needed a full-blown REVOLUTION! I needed to get excited, really excited.

For me, the guilt-ridden product of Catholic schools where nuns use to run kids into the ground for “disobeying,” getting excited involved fear.  After 12 years of that kind of education, not only did I learn about fear, I also learned how to REVOLTREVOLT involves facing and rebelling against the fear.

On a personal level, it also involves setting Big, Brash and Believable Goals.  Big, Brash and Believable Goals scare a lot of people, but without them, you won’t get excited.

What Big, Brash and Believable Goal would constitute a REVOLT that would really excite you? Tell us about it–we DARE You!