How DARE They! Non-Starters We Wish Would STOP

… Media reports persist about the so-called impending retirement of baby-boomers. How DARE they! Boomers aren’t some monolithic species of zombie lemmings!  People over 50 who retire now are either securely wealthy or delusional.  Even the securely wealthy are engaged in second careers and other valuable endeavors.  Assume all boomers are retiring? STOP that!

… A study recently published by two female anthropologists asserts women over 48 face a special â”Midlife Misery,” compared with men the same age.  Could it be because we’re constantly being evaluated, advised, and marginalized by so-called scientific studies that focus on men’s illnesses, aspirations, and achievements? In one media segment, the scientists were being interviewed by two 30-somethings who made obligatory pitying sounds.  How DARE they!  And, there wasn’t a single fresh idea offered for how women over 48 can prevent and defuse misery!  STOP that!

Have your own examples of
idiotic stereotypes and presumptions
regarding women over 40?

Of course you do!

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