Whether you consider it a luxury, or just for high school or college kids, consider that the person who could probably use a BREAK the most right now is YOU.  Before you think I’m going all warm, fuzzy and poofy, HOLD ON!  Remember that I’m a crazed super-charged estrogen-deprived Type A-niac who thinks it’s a good idea to start a new business in a recession!

But, I AM urging all women out there over-40 who are tethered to their BlackBerries, I-phones, laptops, Excel spreadsheets (one of the top female engineers at Google supposedly uses Excel to analyze cupcake recipes!) and other power-phernalia that push them to get things done faster, better, cheaper, smarter than they ever thought possible – PHEW! – to consider for a few minutes this scientifically proven fact:  all that efficiency and rushing around can actually be counter-productive. Plus, if your life comprises working full-time, caring for elderly parents, running a household and worrying about how you’re going to pay for your kids’ college education, no one needs a break more than YOU.

This month, we’ll take you to: snapshots of respected scientists who have found that the best ideas and productive work sometimes emerge only after taking a break … a salute to our favorite funny ladies and drama queens alike who put our minds and phones on hold … and, since we’re all about DARING yourself to do bigger, bolder, braver things, suggestions for fun that builds your body, brain, and soul.  Plus, check out stereotypes that make you think hard about how women over 40 are perceived and portrayed in popular culture.

So, March On!  But, take that break! Recharge! Put the world on HOLD, even for just an hour.  Pause, Just Because! If it isn’t BROKE, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t BRAKE it! And, you shouldn’t have to go BROKE doing it!