How DARE They! No LOVE Lost Here.

Although not as funny as the Maximize Your Penis Size by 10X NOWspam all of us used to get (or was it just me?), the so-called elite job sites geared to 40+ executives can be just as irritating and inappropriate.

How DARE They! send a shout out list of “Jobs for You, Elizabeth!” that includes everything from nurse to chemist to E.R. technician – careers for which I have neither the skills nor the interest.  I could seriously hurt someone if I even pretended to attempt those valuable jobs.

I have tried unsuccessfully to unsubscribe to these job sites, all except for this one:, which has respectful and reputable information, current news and a roster of openings for high-paying C-suite jobs.  It costs to join ExecuNet, but their e-newsletter is FREE. 

Meanwhile, if those other job sites don’t  stop spamming me, I will forward to them those emails touting another kind of member-enhancing solution.  How DARE They!