LOVE is in the DARE!

Yes, February celebrates romantic LOVE, but in the current economic climate, many of us may be reminded of the people, roles, jobs or clients we committed to that turned out to be people, roles, jobs and clients we loathed rather than LOVED.

Over the constant assault of advice – from politicos, pundits, psychologists, and financial experts – preaching and posturing across all media, my take-away is this: the best reason for being in a job or ANY situation that you don’t love is actually all about LOVE:

  • LOVE for yourself, if a paying job is the only way you’ll get health benefits;
  • LOVE for your family, if the job feeds, houses, clothes and keeps them safe;
  • LOVE for a personal or professional goal that even an awful job enables you to pursue and sustain;

Once you finally figure out who and what deserve your love, devotion and time, strategize to manage the present and DARE to plan for the future. In my own life, I try not to fry my eyes focusing on setbacks, but rather to realize (OK, maybe, rationalize too) that the difference between the things we do for LOVE and those we do for money is sometimes hard to delineate.

In this challenging recessionary cycle, whatever your individual situation, I hope that you DARE LOVE something, someone, some activity, some place, that gives YOU a measure of gratifying return on the investment of your time, your money and, most important, your LOVE.